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GOLDEN BOYS - Electric Wolfman


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Wicked Wiggler Pure gold! Organ infused Garage-Rock like maybe Reigning Sound but a hint more aggressive. Rock with me forever: for sure this record will. Their best together with the amazing Whiskey Flower Favorite track: Rock With Me Forever.
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She Said It 03:53
Dish Towel 03:22
Mr. Dickles 02:19




released November 9, 2009

GARAGE BAND REVISITED NOV 2010 The vocalist try to sing as Screamin ' Jay Hawkins ....from his Texas hometown Austin when u hear " electric wolfman " cut . . Produced by G. Ashley ( Gris-Gris ) the Golden Boys dug 11 psychedelic nuggets tracks ! Lotsa influences " plainsman's lament" ( Lou Reed ) " she said it " ( Primitives ) " kontroll girls " ( Love ) " i 'm black and white "( Stones ) "etc.... A must for the Golden Boys !".(Patryck)

SLEAZGRINDER JULY 2010 Austin Texas low-fi high-heart, bar-bait groove-rockers pour steaming party jams and kooky kicks with righteous not right-on inventive intentions like Exile on grain street with sweet rye smiles encompassing velvets spunaround mantras like Lou Reed slipped down streets with Sly & got soul but more than that it slips galaxie drifts of the erratic, ecstatic spirited shambolic majesty of Alex Chilton's LIKE FLIES ON SHERBERT sozzled styles, none moreso than kontroll girls, the aura of ramshackle paralytic Keatsy-cute bum-rushers The Black Lips (see, especially plainsman's lament) & the ramblin', perfectly legitimate child of Roky Erickson (the whole truth & nuthin' ever whatso but, hombre's & compadr-esses) that is the stone circle spinning skyclad swirl of goddamn i live the ocean. Texas, as I've ruminated on at least twice before, rarely lets ya down. 'This is how we play' & 'This is where we play' they sing on a message from ross johnson. Burn the map. Just lead me to the water.
(Stu Gibson)

STYROFOAM DRONE Exactly two weeks ago on this day I put up the Vermillion Sands “In the Wood” record. Shortly after making that post I went over to ALIEN SNATCH! Records to pick up the brand new VS full length record. In doing so, the good people at Alien Snatch decided to send me a promo of one of the other bands that they have on their roster. That band would be known as The Golden Boys, who hail from the beautiful Austin, TX. They play a raucous blend of country-folk punk rock, complete with bluesy guitar riffs and giant face pounding guitar solos, and they do it all with an attitude that’s guaranteed to crack a smile on any listeners face. Now while the Golden Boys would be great just on their own, they’re even better because they had their friends the Spider Bags join them in the recording process of their album. I’m sure some of you are already familiar with the Spider Bags, but if not I would highly encourage you to look into them. One good way to start would be checking out this post on their first album, “A Celebration of Hunger”. A good portion of this Golden Boys album was done with the Spider Bags, including songs like “Plainsman’s Lament”, “Kontroll Girls”, “Goddamn I Love the Ocean”, “Mr. Dickles”, and the track “Dish Towel”, which gives writing credits to Dan McGee, who is the lead singer of the Spider Bags. The first track I want to mention is “Goddamn I Love the Ocean”. It starts off with some beach-y sound effects before you’re in the midst of a rolling drum beat, and shortly after you’re met with the howls of Dan McGee and lead singer Matt Hoopengardner proclaiming their undying love for the ocean. Their love for the ocean goes hand in hand with them drinking a beer in a Wal-Mart parking lot, as they attempt to escape their landlocked town in pursuit of going “anywhere but here.” Let’s hope everything works out for them. The following track “Dish Towel” is a unique one indeed. For about the first minute things are a bit slow as the bluesy guitar riffs bring you through the intro. Then a quick drum roll and things change directions completely. The keyboards dominate in this track until about 2 minutes in when a huge guitar solo comes out of nowhere to serve no other purpose then to rock-yr-face off. Before listening to this song, I would have never considered referring to a person as a dish towel, but now after thinking about it, you could probably make that sound pretty offensive. I would love to keep going on here, but it’s the end of the spring semester here at school, and I have a hell of a lot of other work to do. I’ll leave by saying that just about every last song on this album is worth hearing, especially the triumphant “Kontroll Girls”, the easy-going “She Said It”, or “Old Man’s Coat”. Just be sure to listen to the mp3s below, that’s all I ask. So thanks for coming by, and be sure to check back again real soon (ZC)

VICE.COM REVIEW This album combines many of the best things about Texas (bluesy Warren Zevon-esque beer-drinking music, guys with gentlemanly surnames, Greg Ashley) with very few of the worst things about Texas (racism, dickhead cops, people who won’t shut the fuck up about Texas). The first song also contains a keen observational “snap” about just how ugly your mom is. Let’s just say “very.”

TERMINAL BOREDOM REVIEW These southern underdogs have released LP number four onto the unsuspecting underground and I´m still waiting for everyone (shit, or anyone) to catch on. Sad fools. The first record was a delicious train wreck of sloppy good times. The second is a Gawd Damn masterpiece in my book and y´all should be hip to it by now. The third?the third? Yeah that's right, most of yous missed this´n. A Mike Vasquez produced gem that would saddle up nicely with any of the Memphis all-star spinners in yer collection. If it was on Sympathy'01, peeps be shitting Twinkies. Welp, this is their 4th album proper and 2nd one in a year. Greg Ashley tags along and twiddles the knobs, playing on it as well, but it doesn´t feel like he messed with their formula too much. Their formula being: Drunk. They all got that´n down. Screwball shenanigans start things off with the funk vibe of the title track, tackling Zevon monster love in a Shaftman way. From there it moves into Whiskey Flower territory, which is fine and dandy to me. Slightly hazed psychedelics and malt liquor sunstroke causing damage to the troubadours mind. Mynde. Play till you sweat it out, son. A long player chock full of grande southern stylings in the likes of Compulsive Gamblers, Lou Reed, early American Deathray, or even some Let It Bleed-era Stones. Texans doin' it right and proper; so don´t mess with it. Kontroll Girls is the hit, like an Arthur Lee tune with a Spanish touch all jacked up on trucker speed and Tex-Mex tacos. Thing whips me into a dance mode. Weird lil´ pop tunes come´n´n go with squiggly backup vox, way-damaged soloing and other downright head scratching studio noodle (check out She Said It and hang out till the end!), just to keep you on yer toes. Pretty great soulful ballads are peppered throughout this insanity to let ya know they ain?t just all fuckin' around. Will jams like Rock With Me Forever end up on my mix tapes for years to come' You can count on that, Jack. I could throw a shit-ton of references and more nods at'cha, but that would just be cheap. I´ve done enough damage already. Ross Johnson stops by to voice his concern for the Boys, and then proclaims it alright in the name of a party. Not nekkid, but whatev. Good shizz. Bottoms up.(RSF)

ROCK AROUND THE BLOG In the last years The Golden Boys has surprised always, to each record that they edit, in first with "Whiskey Flower" [Hook or Crook/Emperor Jones] of 2007, and later with "Goodbye Country" [Monofonus] of 2008, now with the edition of the new album "Thee Electric Wolfman" they cement the reputation of exceptional band in the production of a characteristic and very proper “garage rock”, produced by Greg Ashley (of the Gris Gris) and with the participation of this and Ross Johnson (extraordinary end with “A Message From Ross Johnson), this record is composed for sounds with irresistible energies, somewhat experimental textures for a resonant pallet of cozy mixtures, songs as “Electric Wolfman”, “Kontroll Girls”, “Old Man's Coat” and “Dish Towel”, intoxicate so much the slope more soul-country-punk, like that of the garage rock. "Thee Electric Wolfman" not project us for great dances, but above all it makes us to humming and mainly it educates the ears. Another great record! (Francisco)


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ALIEN SNATCH! Berlin, Germany

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