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MORAL PANIC - Validation


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Intro 00:25
Validation 02:33
Big Fish 02:10
Quarantine 01:50
Hatchet 02:00
Outta Gas 01:51
Rail 01:35


RAZORCAKE.ORG #132 (USA) Jan 2023 Well-drafted snotty punk that—particularly on songs like “The Rail” and “Anti Anti Anti”—leans way hard on the DEAD BOYS. Maybe even more than the music, this guy just sounds like a dead ringer STIV BATORS. Plenty of oomph here from folks who have been around a while. So yeah, think of a revved up but slightly less dynamic Young, Loud, and Snotty and you’re getting close. Might rely a little too heavily on guitar solos, but that’s a personal preference. Beautiful marbled aqua vinyl; it’s clear that a lot of care went into this thing. Nicely done! (KR)

greennoiserecords.com (US) Oct 2022 Moral Panic back at it and hitting it like a hammer, fast as fuck and moving out, hammering down like a speed demon with his head roaring with a mouthful of high octane siphoned from some kind of Detroit beast machine built from hard core and punk garage rock n roll, punching it out like white lines on the blacktop, high contrast clarity blurred to oblivion, punk rock 'n roll 1-2-3-4-go.(mw)

fasterandlouderblog.blogspot.com (USA) Oct 2022 Who's ready to get pummeled senseless? Moral Panic is here to hit you in the mouth forcefully and repeatedly! On its third album, Validation, the New York–based trio leaves low fidelity behind, tearing through nine cuts of hard, fast, and blistering punk rock that's too rock and roll to be hardcore yet too intense to just be rock and roll. Singer/guitarist Daniel Kelley has found his hottest rhythm section yet in Michael Dimmitt and Eric Robel. As a trio, Moral Panic is a machine built to obliterate anything in its path. The "bigger" sound of this release really suits the hard-hitting songs (none of which exceed two and a half minutes). Kelley's vocals are nothing short of furious, and his guitar leads are pure fire. When it comes to this style of raging and aggressive punk rock, you just won't hear it executed better. Both prior Moral Panic albums are well worth your time and attention, but the group is firing on a whole ever level with Validation. Get it now from Alien Snatch and Reptilian Records! (Josh Rutlegde)

newnoisemagazine.com (US) SEP 2022 Hot on the heels of their “White Knuckles” 7" from earlier this year, NYC punk n rollers, Moral Panic, unleash another slab of high octane rock, that will shred faces. In fact, this new album, continues down the path laid down by that incredible 7", as they continue to put the metal to pedal, delivering another killer batch of punk rock songs, that don’t let up, until it ends. While, the album, might only have nine (one being an “Intro”), songs that barely reach beyond two-and-a-half minute mark, it works to their advantage. It’s just one exciting, short, sharp shock of a song, after the other. It gets in, shreds your face off, and then gets out, before you know, what hit you. But, like the best punk rock, it will make you want to listen to it again and again. Group founder, Daniel Kelley is in fine form as his sneering vocals drip attitude, while he is a demon on the six string, unleashing shredtastic solo after solo, on each and every song. Like the rest of the album, these solos are short, to the point, and will melt your face. The rhythm section of bassist Michael Dimmitt and drummer, Eric Robel, who debuted on the “White Knuckles” 7", give the bottom end a bit more muscle and heft, allowing these songs to swing and hit hard. Taken together the three of them form, one powerful trio. After a brief “Intro” to start, the title track kicks in, riding a wave of feedback and breakneck speed, capped off with a ripping solo from Kelley. “The Rail” goes a bit faster and shorter, and sounds like hyperspeed rock n roll. Of course, Kelley puts in another fantastic solo towards its end. “Hatchet’ opens with a grinding, noisy bass line, before the rest of the band joins in, and then, its on. They also throw in a ripping cover of “Anti Anti Anti”, originally done by OG Phoenix punks, The Consumers, that just burns. The album ends, with the fast, and catchy, strains of “Horton Hears The Who”. Validation is one killer slab of punk rock. It’s got everything you could want from a punk record: attitude, speed and hooks. In fact, I’ll go out out on a limb and say it’s one of the best punk records released this year. I know, some of you, might say, “But, it’s too rock n roll”. Well, get over it. This is one crucial slab of punk, you need to hear. So, get with it, and get this album!

metaltrenches.com (US) SEP 2022 When it comes to punk and rock ‘n roll, I still find simple to work best. Quick and punchy songs that get their hooks under your skin in those first fifteen to twenty seconds and don’t overstay their welcome often work better than those that try to drag things out with repetition, and it’s this approach that immediately drew me to Moral Panic’s latest album Validation. The New York City based trio crams nine roaring tracks of garage rock and punk into a concise seventeen minutes that deliver foot stomping hooks and raw intensity in equal capacity. Compared to their earlier releases the energy level has shot up significantly and the sound is bigger and in your face than before, making this a strong showing from a band worth paying attention to. Described as too rock ‘n roll for punk and too punk for rock ‘n roll, that combination works to Moral Panic’s advantage and gives them a sound that’s familiar while still feeling fresh. For anyone that’s listened to plenty of garage rock or punk over the decades specific bands are sure to come to mind, but it’s delivered here with hook after hook that regularly hops across those genre lines and never falls too closely to any one group’s template. Sometimes the trio settles into a bouncier toe tapping rhythm that is pure garage rock, power pop, and everything in between, while the sheer speed of “Hatchet” will have listeners wanting to start an impromptu mosh pit wherever they are. When Moral Panic speeds things up to blistering levels on tracks like that they remind me a bit of the raw intensity of bands like Zeke and manage to pull it off with ease. Compared to their 2017 self-titled effort the lo-fi sound has been stripped away in favor of a huge, booming sound that washes over the listener and emphasizes guitar, bass, and drums in equal capacity. But it isn’t just the changes in production that help to elevate Validation, as Moral Panic has written songs that are consistently strong from beginning to end. Faster paced punk and garage rock have a tendency to run together due to their stripped-down simplicity and speed, and while there are similar moments at times the amount of riffs that stand out upon repeat listens makes a difference here. Daniel Kelley’s vocals have a rougher edge to them, touching a bit more upon the punk side of the spectrum with a direct and in your face approach. Sometimes when the instrumental side of a band gets louder and noisier on record the singing gets swallowed up in the mix and struggles to break through, but everything is well balanced on Validation and this never becomes an issue. Songs like the title track add in some back-up singing that feels somewhere between punk gang vocals and power pop, adding in a slight hint of melody alongside the grittiness. Add in a few well-placed samples at the end of “The Rail”, “Hatchet”, and “Quarantine” and you have material that hits hard but still has specific sections that stand out. By letting both their rock and punk sides run wild, Moral Panic has put together an album filled with high energy hooks that stick with you but don’t overstay their welcome. The fact that even after repeated spins a lot of these tracks haven’t blurred together and specific riffs and verses remain with me is a testament to the band’s ability, and while they tread familiar ground they do it extremely well. There are a ton of artists in these genres vying for your attention, but this trio deserves it. Validation is available from Reptilian Records and Alien Snatch! Records. (CD)

sonicthreat.blogspot.com (GER) SEP 2022 Tübingen stinkt nach Palmer. Zwischen Big Neck, Slovenly und Alien Snatch passiert gerade eine Menge Gutes und gerade Moral Panic, die sich mit ihrem 3ten Longplayer nun wirklich in mein Herz geschlichen haben, atmen den Geist der frühen Memphis-Riege. Versiffte Nihilisten, die, wenn sie zu den Instrumenten greifen, exakt diesen Abfuck zu einem großen, schmackhaften Pampf zusammenrühren. Klingt einfach, ist es aber nicht und gerade diese Energie, die z.B. auch den Mistreaters und Küken eigen ist, von Platte auf die Bühne zu zaubern, ist solchen Bands von Stunde Null ab in die Wiege gelegt. Es muss im Schuhkarton klingen wie durch die Kopfhörer. Ich bin mir sicher, dass das hier der Fall ist. Spitze!

pupilodilatado.blogspot.com (ES) Nov 2022 MORAL PANIC "VALIDATION" (2022), URGENCIA GARAGE PUNK DESDE LA GRAN MANZANA!!! Giro de 180º en estilo, aunque no en intensidad y mala baba. De Nueva Jersey nos vamos al corazón más sucio del Lower East Side de la NY City para dar a conocer a unos cafres en esto del garage street punk más obstinado y peleón. Hoy se pasan por aquí el cuarteto MORAL PANIC, un furioso combo formado por gente que ha militado en bandas como Livids, New Bomb Turks o The Nils. Pues bien, estos fichas tienen su segundo disco bien calentito y esperando ser devorado por todos aquellos amantes del punk más visceral y contestatario. Ponte en modo: ANTI, ANTI, ANTI!!!!!....Auspiciados bajo el sello Alien Snatch Records, los Moral Panic tienen en su Validation (2022) su reválida como banda tras su Debut Album de título homónimo en 2017... ¡¡¡Y qué reválida!!!, este disco es incendiario, ardiente, ¡¡¡te quema en los putos oídos!!!. La mejor esencia del old school street punk del '77 más visceral y cabreado teniendo en mente a los Dead Boys, Ramones y Stooges, pero con un extra de speed en algunas canciones en donde se podría apreciar las aristas de The Exploited y Zeke. No puedo destacar un tema sobre otro, ¡los nueve cortes van a cuchillo!, pero es muy de agradecer lo bien producido que está sin quitarle ni un ápice de suciedad y jodido peligro en un disco de street punk de estas características. Bueno, ¡que sí! que mis temas favoritos podrían ser fácilmente "Quarantine" y "Anti Anti Anti". Sangrantes, explosivos, crudísimos, ¡¡¡así son los putos MORAL PANIC!!!...

manierenversagen.de (GER) SEP 2022 Album Nummer 3 der 3 Garage Hardcore Punk Rocker von Moral Panic aus New York. In den Hochhäuserschluchten der verschmutztesten Stadt Nordamerikas atmet man andere Luft und das macht sich auf Validation bemerkbar. Gesund klingt das nicht, das ist dreckiger Garage Hardcore wie ihn auch P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. zu ihren besten Zeiten gespielt haben. Wenn man bei den Jungs im Proberaum ne Packung Kippen raucht, ist das direkt ein Luftkurort. Erscheint bei Alien Snatch Records und von den LPs gibts weniger als 150 Stück, weil die andere Hälfte bei den Reptilien Leuten in den USA herumliegen. Passt ganz wunderbar zu Wurst, Bier und Marlboro, wenn man über 40 Jahre ist. Generation Z muss vapen und Energykram aus Dosen trinken, ist halt nicht so RocknRoll, aber was weiß ich schon.

ox-fanzine.de Was wird aus dem guten, alten Vollgas-Rock, wenn in ein paar Jahren alles elektrisch fährt? Wer wird solche Metaphern dann noch verstehen? Kein Reifenquietschen mehr, kein V8-Geboller, keine kreischenden Motoren, kein Gaspedal mehr – nur noch leises Tesla-Surren, nur noch Langeweile? Wer wird Begriffe wie „high octane rock“ noch verstehen? Nun, bis zur Weltherrschaft des Elon Musk ist es noch etwas hin, hoffe ich, und bis dahin sollen beispielsweise MORAL PANIC aus NYC noch dem guten alten Bleifuß-Rock’n’Roll huldigen können, denn noch sind die Klebefinger der Klimaaktivisten nicht auf die Idee gekommen, sich das vermeintlich schändliche Treiben dieser Herren mal vorzunehmen. „Anti anti anti“ (ein Cover von THE CONSUMERS) könnte jedenfalls eine Antwort hierauf sein, wobei das direkt folgende „Outta gas“ das nahende Ende schon zu ahnen scheint. Acht Songs auf 45 rpm missachten jedes Tempolimit und erinnern mich diesmal an jene Band, die schon früh die Zeichen der Zeit in Sachen Mobilität erkannt zu haben scheint: ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN. Daniel Kelley (voc, gt), Eric Robel (dr) und Michael Dimmitt (bs) sind mit „Validation“ nach einer 7“ Anfang 2022 und nach den beiden titellosen Platten von 2017 und 2019 nunmehr bei Album Nummer drei angekommen. Wem die geschätzt zwanzig Minuten Spielzeit zu kurz sind, der soll zur Strafe Progrock hören müssen bis ans Lebensende. Das hier sind spitze, scharfe Punkrock-Attacken, Musik wie ein Tritt in ein Wespennest. JH 8/10


released September 9, 2022


all rights reserved



ALIEN SNATCH! Berlin, Germany

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